TSUNAMI 1.0 Sprayable
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TSUNAMI 1.0 Sprayable

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The Tsunami line of High Performance Ceramic Coatings were developed with a team of top tier professional detailing industry experts and our team of chemical engineers devoted to producing the best high performance ceramic coatings available in the industry. Years of "real world" and laboratory testing went into each and every Tsunami product to ensure the highest level of quality and product performance. We also went one step further by comparison testing our line of ceramic coatings with many of the major brands on the market to produce a product line that would outperform the competition and we were very proud to have accomplished that.

Our Tsunami 1.0 is a high performing 1+ year sprayable nano ceramic coating that is very durable and super hydrophobic but yet has an easy application that can even be used by both professional and consumer alike. With a 5-6 H Hardness, high heat resistance, scratch resistance and ease of maintenance Tsunami 1.0 is a paint protection that far surpasses any wax or paint sealant on the market. In cases where the Tsunami 1.0 is installed by a Tsunami Certified Installation Center the coating will come with a Tsunami 1 Year Performance Warranty.

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