About Recon Techs LLC

Recon Techs LLC was founded in 2011 and has quickly become a leader in vehicle reconditioning servicing the Aviation, Automotive and Marine industries. After proving their successful business model, Recon Techs began licensing this business model and the Recon Techs brand to independently-owned and operated business owners in the reconditioning industry who were looking to take their operations to new levels of professionalism and profitability. During this time Recon Techs LLC also established a world-class training curriculum in all phases of vehicle reconditioning to support state-of-the-art training courses for industry professionals desiring to elevate their level of skill.

Throughout this process, the ever expanding Recon Techs team identified that, although there were already many detailing products on the market demonstrating varying levels of quality, the team was required to use products from many different manufacturers in order to achieve a level of high-quality results demanded by the industry. The vision was born to develop a complete line of detailing products that would be high quality, professional grade, performance tested…and all under one brand, Recon Techs, a brand that would achieve excellent results in every detailing situation and could be used by both the industry professional and the consumer alike.

In 2015, Recon Techs began R&D on this project with a top tier team of chemical engineers and professional detailers to produce an unbeatable line of detailing products. Three years of R&D, laboratory testing and real world performance testing culminated with the official launch of Recon Techs Detail Products in October 2018. Already receiving favorable reviews from both industry professionals and consumers, Recon Techs Detail Products is ready to find its way into your hands and on to the surface of your vehicle.

So start your order today! The Proof is in the Performance.


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